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Hello and welcome, thank you for your interest in our horses. We have many talented and beautiful horses that we hope you find most pleasing. Our horses stay at two different locations. One of these locations is Tomball, Texas and the other is Magnolia, Texas. The bulk of our herd is kept out on the ranch, in Magnolia, where they roam 1,250+ acres. The horses that are in Tomball have been carefully selected to be a part of our equine therapy program. In our breeding program we do not only breed in hopes of getting a nice colored up horse, but also to have a horse with the ability to perform mentally and have strong structural attributes.

“Our mission is to breed for correct, versatile, champions for a variety of disciplines”

While our horses are an excellent choice for both personal pleasure and showing, it is also important to us to have horses that will interact well in our equine therapy program located in Tomball, Texas. This program focuses on the rehabilitation of people who suffer with mental illnesses and substance abuse. If you are interested in learning more about our equine therapy program just click here.


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