Welcome, at McIntosh Farm Our mission is to breed for a variety of quality Birds, Livestock and Exotics”. Keeping updated has never been easier. Follow our facebook page for the latest news! Thank you for visiting and being a part¬†of our legacy.


New for 2018!

Registered Zebu Cattle


Registered Myotonic Goats

AKC Registered Labradors



In 2019 we are expecting registered myotonic fainting goat kids, registered pygmy goat kids, baby chickens and AKC registered silver and chocolate lab puppies for sale. Keep posted on updates by following our McIntosh Farm Facebook page!!!

M R Justified Touch

M R Justified Touch

M R Justified Touch

Poco Dun Deluxe X OBB Cool To Touch

2019 | Black | AQHA & APHA | Stallion | For Sale

Media Through the Years